Through distant mists of memories,
I hear them call my name;
Those who served beside me,
On a battleground of pain.

Nothing left but memories,
Of those forever young;
Lives that ended suddenly,
What would they have become?

What price they paid for freedom,
The sacrifice untold;
Yet, here they are in memories,
Not one will 'ere grow old.

For I shall keep their names alive,
Until my flame is gone;
Then pass the torch to those who will,
Remember....The Forever young.

Allison Chambers Coxsey, ©2000

Dedicated to Papa Willy and those he will
always remember as the "Forever Young."

Dedicated also to the memory of my husband's
childhood friend, David Manners, Durant, Oklahoma.
Killed in Vietnam.

First Lieutenant Louis Karl Breuer IV
Killed in Vietnam
June 20th, 1972

Sgt. Bruce W. Staehli
Listed as a POW, then years later changed to KIA
Died April 30th, 1968 Vietnam

Corporal Howard Daniel Willis
Company D, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry
199th Light Infantry Brigade
Killed in Vietnam ~ March 7, 1968

Paul E. Morgan
Killed in Action ~ Korean War
August 3, 1950

Lance Corporal Shane Goldman
1st Battalion, 5th Marines ~ 1st Marine Division
I Marine Expeditionary Force
Killed in Action ~ Al Anbar Province, Iraq ~ April 5, 2004


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Date Created: 03/20/2004