. . . TREASURES . . .

There have always been vast riches,
Resting deep within my soul;
An untapped living treasure,
Like lost and buried gold.
Waiting for someone to find,
To pull out of my heart;
A treasure trove of hidden words,
Of rich poetic art.

Like diamonds trapped beneath the earth,
Like a butterfly's cocoon;
A rainy, stormy summer night,
When clouds conceal the moon.
Silent hidden riches,
Yet when they are revealed;
They dance with sparkling beauty,
That was before concealed.

Somehow this living treasure,
That was buried there so deeply;
Pours forth with shimmering brightness,
From my heart and souls so sweetly.
Like sunlight through a prism,
Each color bright and true;
The words pour forth in dancing light;
And all inspired by you.

For you have found the beauty,
Gently pulled it from my soul;
And as you hold it in your hands,
My heart is full and whole.
An untapped living treasure,
Of rich poetic art;
Dances in sparkling beauty,
As it pours forth from my heart.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
1995~ All Rights Reserved

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